Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The beautiful flower garden.

It is sooo lush and beautiful outside and these gray clouds and gently falling rain seem to make it that much more so. Everything is all leafed out. We've been trimming the willow differently this year. Its graceful limbs drape over the pond and the raised walkway now. I cut the limbs a foot above the pond and a foot above the Japaneses Rose and Iris's planted directly under the Willow to keep them from looking crowded and to keep the limbs from hanging in the water. The others I cut to waist level. the ones hanging over the raised walkway I cut up high. I grab them and pull them down and then cut them so that they would only touch the head of a very tall person. the ones on the other side I leave at waist level creating an arched effect in the Willows canopy. Its very beautiful.


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