Monday, May 05, 2008

Bed Bugs!!!!!!

A few years ago during the hot summers months I woke up one morning to find myself covered in tiny little bites. My husband experienced the same problem. This occurred for a few nights and the problem just got worse and worse. Finally we determined we weren't getting these bites outside. We pulled the sheets and pillowcases off and threw them in the washing machine. Then we washed the pillows and comforter itself and took the vacuum cleaner to the bed. That solved our problem. About a week later I heard an add on the radio saying that bed bugs had made a comeback in this country and what to look out for. I can only assume we had bed bugs. I have no idea where they came from. A friend of mine talked to me a few months later about finding herself renting a bed bugs apartment and how she ended up having to break her lease because she couldn't get rid of them. Had I known about at the time I could have referred her there.


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