Thursday, May 29, 2008

I finally broke down and told my husband that I was writing again. I kept going back and forth on telling him but it was very very difficult to find time to write and the reason was because of the demands he was making on my time. If he knows I'm taking the time to write I don't think he will as upset about it. especially since I told him the story. He liked it. I couldn't put it into the terms of "Would you read this book" because he doesn't read fiction. He hasn't even read the Harry Potter Books. But if I put it in the terms of "Would you see this movie" he says yes I definitely would see this movie.

Chapter 3 has been fleshing itself out in my head. I may not have as much trouble reaching 5000 words as I thought I was going to have. I'm loving the way it ends. As she drifts through the planets twilight suffering from hypothermia and loosing consciousness her little raft bumps into the side of the hero's large wooden Pirate Ship.

There is one section of chapter three I go back and forth in including. I don't think its ever been included in a fantasy romance . Its worth a shot though.


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