Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I got another 1000+ words written yesterday on my story. I'm nearing the ends of chapter two now and venturing into the dreaded chapter 3. I have to try and flesh out 5000 words while my protagonist is floating on a 4ftx4ft wooden raft on the Gliese ocean and try to keep it interesting. I already know that her little raft will put her into a current in the ocean which draws her toward the side of the planet thats always night and where its much colder. She ends up with hypothermia. That might give me 1500 words. I have to hope that I can fill up the rest of it with interesting thoughts and bits and pieces of my protagonists life on earth. I think I can probably fit a hallucination in there brought on my starvation. I might be able to pull 5000 words out of that.


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