Saturday, May 24, 2008

I got past my writers block on chapter two. I'm pretty please with what I came up with. Our protagonist makes the first actual attempt at magic during the course of the story and we get to see it back fire on her. That backfire gets her set adrift and thats how our hero finds her. I may have a problem though. If my figures are correct then our hero comes into the book at the beginning of chapter 4. Chapter 6 will find her working in the Kitchen of the lord and lady who position she will later hold. By the time I reach chapter 6 I'm only going to be around 30 thousand words. I can't see her working in the kitchen past chapter 7 or its going to get to boring but I have to write at least 75 thousand words. Chapter 7 will probably have the castle under attack and chapter 8 will involve her and her partners being arrested for growing an illegal hallucinogenic plant. She is then rescued from execution by our hero who is in fact the person who attacked the castle and won it. Chapter 9 will involve her trying to rescue her friend and the hero going after her. All the while he will think her male friend is a lover when he is not. Chapter 9 is still going to just at 45 thousand words if I continue with the 5 thousand word chapters. My story could easily end in chapter 10 or 11 which would only give me 55 thousand words. I am planning on keeping the Lords widow and our protagonists former Mistress in the book after the protagonist comes back to the castle. They are to be married so she can give him heirs that are half Witch. If I can create a conflict that isn't to cheesy and actually makes sense with the story using the antagonist (the former mistress) then I can probably stretch it out another 3 more chapters and maybe stretch the time my couple spends on the ship together when they first meet another chapter. That would give me the 75 thousand words I need.

Who knows what else I will add by the time I get to that point though. After all the protagonist getting set adrift from the first prison ship for screwing up a motion sickness spell just popped inh there last night and the idea of her hero rescuing her while she is adrift is one that just came up last week. Originally the hero was the captain of the prison ship.


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