Thursday, May 29, 2008

Music Lyrics

I made an interesting discovery a few months back. I figured out that if you had this song you used to like to listen to and if you could remember one line from that song you can punch that one line into a search engine and websites will come up that have the song. An example of this was the song Stay by Shakespeare's Sister. I wanted the song but I had no idea what it was called or who sang it. All I had to remember was the line "You better hope and pray that you make it back safe to your own world". I punched that in a search engine and up the songs name and the singer popped along with a whole history of the band. I then downloaded it from one of those file sharing sites. Thats just an example of how those lyrics sites can be useful though. Say you know some Nas Lyrics but don't know what song they go to because you heard it on the radio and you may or may not know the name of the song you hear. If you can find the rap lyrics at a site like you can find the band and find the song your looking for to put on your Ipod.


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