Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My garden

I bought some annual plants today and even stole a few perennials. The ones I stole were some little sedum cuttings. I bout some very pretty annual bloomers that are going to look lovely in my already very lush garden. You know I redid the flower bed by the pond a year ago. I ripped everything out of it and moved things around and filled it mostly with day lilies. A lot of my echinacea came back and I left some things and just dug up the stuff around them. This will be the second growing season since I did this and its so full and lush it looks like I never did anything to it (except that it still looks better than it did before).

There are still a lot of things that need to be moved and even with all of this room out here I am out of places to put things. I knew a woman who put all of the plants she didn't want in a box at the end of her driveway with a sing that said "free plants". I would do that if it wasn't for the fact that the dogs would chase everyone off. Maybe I will give my neighbors some things. They seem to be putting some effort into gardening.


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