Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Structured Setllments

Do you know what a Structured Settlement is? Its a settlement from a court case or payments made from lottery winnings or something like that. Essentially its scheduled payments made from a larger sum of money over an allotted period of time. There are companies that will give you cash for your Structured Settlements but its never as much as you would have received if you had taken the payments. I guess this is how they make money doing it. This might seem like kind of a silly thing to do but there can be a number of reasons for taking less cash up front rather than structured payments. You may have medical bills that need to be payed off before they ruin your credit or you may have been living off of credit cards while waiting for an insurance company to make up its mind to pay you or not. We all know how they like to drag there feet when it comes to paying people what their owed. Maybe you have plans for the money like a business or an investment and although it can be very risky to take the payments in cash form for something like this sometimes its just necessary to take a risk.

One of these companies is called


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