Monday, May 05, 2008

An update on me

I have little seedlings coming up all over the place on my plant shelf outside. Hollyhocks, cucumbers, 3 different kinds of melons, a mixed package of tomatoes, red and yellow hibiscus (to go with my mauve, lavender, and white ones) nasturtium, thyme, and basil. We've discussed planting potatoes but so far thats all we've done about the potatoes.

Despite the fact that many of my husbands customers in the mountains have either gone out of business or are going out of business due to high gas prices and the lack of tourist travel, and the fact that another large percentage are still underwater in the eastern part of the state we are getting reorders. There not enough to live on. It might total a few hundred dollars extra a month but they are reorders.

Were also looking at getting both of our cars converted to hydrogen hybrids at the end of the month when we get our stimuli's package. There is a guy in Little Rock who claims he can do it for 225 dollars per car and that it takes less than an hour. If your interested in learning more about this just go to From what I understand the amount of gas you save per mile depends on the weight of your car.

The part time job at wal-mart is going fine. I do enjoy the work. Its nice to be on my feet and working with my hands again. Especially since my feet don't hurt as bad as they used to. It amazing what a difference laying in a tanning bed made to my sore joints. Who would have thought. My biggest problem seems to be reminding my boss that this is a "part time" job. He keeps trying to get me to work more hours. Its nice to feel wanted, but its a struggle to keep up the blogs and the book store and work the 30 hours a week we agreed to. I can't possibly add more hours to that.


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