Friday, May 09, 2008

What are you Driving

So what is everyone doing to try and get around the ridiculous price of gas. bear is planning on using or economic stimulus package to convert our cars to hydrogen hybrids. There is a guy in Little Rock that can do it for 225 dollars per car and in less than an hour. We've also discussed buying scooters to get back and forth to work on when the weather is nice since they get 100 miles a gallon. The weather is nice in Arkansas for most of the year as long as its not raining or anything.

I've heard of some people who don't have to travel often who are renting hybrids when they have to go long distances. Your not going to save much money by going the rent a car route that because it costs so much to rent a carr but you will save on gas.

One such place you could look into car rental is at hey even have a specials and discounts page that might save you a little bit of money as well.


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