Thursday, June 19, 2008

Were going to have to build Coyote a new computer. He keeps using my laptop and I really don't like it. The computer memory from his old one is still good as well as a number of the other spare parts. All were going to need is a new mother board and then he will have a new computer and stay off of mine.
The only thing I don't like about my laptop is the fact that when I'm on the bed and i prop it up on my knees to work my heels go numb. That is really an uncomfortable feeling.

Domain Name Scorecard

Do you know what a domain name scorecard is? has a little quiz you can take for free on there website that will help you determine just how good the score on your Domain Name score card is. You only have to answer 3 quick questions to find out. Its that quick and simple and completely free. You can also buy Domain names on the site as well as professional email, websites, online stores, online marketing, and website security. Free with every account you get online account management tools, 24/7 toll-fee customer service, up to 100 subdomains, easy DNS management,and domain protection. If you have an existing domain name you can transfer it for 19 dollars a year and if you transfer it you get the first year for free. It sounds like a pretty good deal. I may be moving my account as well. I should probably check the scorecard for my domain names and see where they stand. There are so many of them now its really difficult to keep track of. There are actually a few of them that I probably need to let go. it can be kind of hard to delete them though, especially after you've worked so hard on something, even if it isn't turning a profit anymore.
Its another day off, thank goodness because I am exhausted. I finally broke down and bought some arch supports last night. They weren't enough support and I have to shove little pieces of folded paper underneath them to make them higher. Now I'm sitting here listing another stack of books, The last of the books left from last weeks scouting. its a good thing too because I start scouting again today. Yesterday I picked up 3 off of the sale tables at the Antique Bookstore and today I hit the second hand stores. Tomorrow and Saturday its time for Garage saling again. Coyote has continued to fill his store with things to sell and has been earning money on Second Life designing and building houses for people. He just got a job as a builder for a corporation in the game. Its not a game corporation, its a corporation in real life that builds houses in the game. He receives 181 real dollars per project. If your wondering why they hired a 15 year old kid its because they think he is a 34 year old woman, lol. Its my account.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Social Spark

Thew new paid to blog site SocialSpark has gone live. Its actually been live for about a month or so. I don't know how well the opportunities are going on the site. I have joined but haven't found anything on there to take. Still in this day and age most of us need all of the extra dollars and cents we can get since its gotten so expensive just to try and live day to day. If you have a blog and you need extra money it might very well be worth checking out. There is a good chance you can make some extra gas money or grocery money. Who knows your blog might be worth a lot more than you think it is and you could make all kinds of money you didn't have before. It really doesn't take that long to write ads on one blog at all and since social Spark uses no follow tags you aren't going to run the risk of loosing your page rank as you would with other paid to blog site you might use. After all we can't forget the page rank spank of October 2007 can we. If you were blogging for money then you can';t at least. It was a big nightmare for just about all of us.
I've been working so much lately. It never ends. It also really pisses me off to see so much of it going into gas and groceries. I think instead of saving my money for the hydrogen conversion kit I'm going to save it for a scooter and an all weather scooter cover instead. It would be a lot more helpful if I was able to work from home though. Actually if Bear and I both were able to work from home again. I would still have to do book scouting for the book store but that usually only uses two gallons of gas per day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I wonder if I can get Phentermine without a prescription. I bet I can. You can get all kinds of things online without a prescription. Then again I heard on the news about a man that died because he took drugs he bought online. You never really know for sure what your getting after all. Probably better safe than sorry.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've been trying to remember if I have ever been to best buy before. I honestly can't remember. I know that there is one in Little Rock. I remember seeing that big yellow and black price tag shaved sign on one of those big concrete malls. I remember going to circuit city though. If I ever go back to Little Rock I will have to go there.
Do you know what Festina watches are. Thats something else i have never heard of before. There probably like those Patek watches I wrote about a few weeks ago. It doesn't matter because its just something else I can't accord to have. I don't wear watches anyway. You can always check it out though.
Do you know what Hilton Head rental is. The first thing I think of is Paris Hilton. Then I thought it must be car rental. well if you want to find out what it is just visit the link and you will find out what it is. I have to many things keeping me busy to even wonder about it anyway
will write

My Weddings

I can remember way back when I picked out my wedding invitations. Such a big deal was made out of the wording because my parents couldn't afford to pay for anything. My mother was laid off and out of work and we were actually going to go to the justice of the peace (this was my first marriage) but my mother in law insisted that we have a wedding. She and her sister helped me plan it. She was so rude to my mother though, I never forgave her for it.

Those were 1st Class Wedding Invitations though. They were printed on a cream colored background with gold printing and didn't really match the rest of my black, red, and white wedding but they were beautiful. The second time I got married at the justice of the peace. I'm not sure if I would ever want to plan another big wedding like that again. Mouse will get married someday but I don't really see her asking me to help her plan it. She never asks me to help her do anything. has this cool new Zoom feature on there website so you can zoom in on a picture and see the details of it. That way you can get a really good look at your invitations before you buy them.
Well there laying someone off at Rent A Center and its not my husband for a change, ha haha. Its actually Tamera, the woman that keeps stealing time from the company, she is left in charge when the boss is off our out of town and will do things like go to the bank and stay gone for two hours. take 2 lunch breaks, one of them paid and go get her car detailed. Go run errands for the store and be gone for three hours. She will be at the store for maybe 2 or 3 hours the entire day the boss is gone and then on the phone talking to her girlfriends or boyfriends for that period of time. She has been trying to get fired but what she hasn't realized yet is there not going to fire her. There going to offer her a transfer to a store for less money that to far away for her to commute to so she has to quit. Its a nasty cooperate trick to get out of paying unemployment and really messed up considering she has two young children and a sick mother she takes care of, but in the same respect, it serves her right.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sales Jobs

You know I kind of miss when my husband worked in sales jobs. I know he misses being self employed and I miss it too. Who wouldn't miss it. I read an article that said talked about 12 all electric cars coming out onto the market next year and I mentioned to him it might be wise to get back into car sales. I have a feeling people are going to be getting rid of the gas powered cars since economists are now saying that were going to have to get used to higher gas prices.

An All Weather Scooter, 100 miles to the gallon

I wonder what kind of auto insurance comparison I would get on a scooter. I did a little searching on the internet because I was wondering if there was a way to make a scooter suitable for all kinds of weather without putting on a rain coat. As it turns out in the UK they sell all weather scooter canopies that encase the whole vehicle. There made of plastic and would be ideal for driving one of things to work on a cold or rainy day. I'm still having my car converted to a hydrogen hybrid for going book scouting and to the grocery store but I could definitely drive something like that back and forth to work.

Friday, June 06, 2008

There is a series on the sci fi channel I kind of like. Its called firefly. I should pay more attention to romantic fantasies since I am writing one. I'm pleased to be as far along in chapter 4 as I am already and plan to finish it Sunday and maybe get a start on chapter 5. It will feel good to write that. Chapter 5. The reason being it will make me feel as though I am well into the book even though it will be roughly 26000 words at that point. It will actually only be close to being a third of the way though.

Loosing Weight

Do you want to know how to lose weight. get a job working on your feet and keep yourself to busy to eat. The stress makes you burn more calories and the work makes you burn more calories too. My pants that were tight are now hanging on hips. I'm constantly pulling them up. Last time I did something like this it took me 6 months to get down to a size 8. I'm sure it will take longer this time. I'm older and my metabolism is slower.
You know I just realized that one of my blogging sites should be sending me a paycheck soon. it should be about 95 dollars and will be more than enough to uy gas and go garage saling. It just has to hurry up and get here.

Seeing Things Clearly Now

I have to remember to make an appointment to get my eyes checked. I keep forgetting and I really need to get contact lenses while I have the money to do so. It would be nice to have a "clear" view of the world around me.

I guess thats why all of my dads guns have Rifle scopes on them. His vision is terrible. I remember how he went 10 years without killing a deer before my mother finally talked him into getting his eyes checked. He got glasses and the very first week of deer season managed to get a deer. optics Planet carries rifle scopes. They also carry a huge selection of riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision, telescopes, rangefinders, laser sights, flashlights, tripods, radar guns, digital camera binoculars and much more! I think I would like to have one of infered camera things to be in the woods at night with. Then you could see all of the critters you wouldn't otherwise see.
Uuugh I have a pimple in my nose and it hurts. My deposit isn't here which means it won;t be here until Monday and I'm nearly out of gas. I have a 10 dollar deposit thats supposed to come through today and 20 dollars that I hope will come through tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday to go through as weekend deposits sometimes do.
I have not gotten as much work done as wanted to do. I didn't get any books listed yesterday although I did get all of the new orders wrapped up and shipped off. Since my latest deposit isn't here today I'm going to have to wait until Monday when it does get here to ship anything else off. It also means I can forget about garage saling this weekend. Its supposed to be hot and sunny tomorrow too which means there will be lots of them going on too. I hate missing a weekend for any reason even though I still have plenty of books to list.
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