Thursday, June 19, 2008

Domain Name Scorecard

Do you know what a domain name scorecard is? has a little quiz you can take for free on there website that will help you determine just how good the score on your Domain Name score card is. You only have to answer 3 quick questions to find out. Its that quick and simple and completely free. You can also buy Domain names on the site as well as professional email, websites, online stores, online marketing, and website security. Free with every account you get online account management tools, 24/7 toll-fee customer service, up to 100 subdomains, easy DNS management,and domain protection. If you have an existing domain name you can transfer it for 19 dollars a year and if you transfer it you get the first year for free. It sounds like a pretty good deal. I may be moving my account as well. I should probably check the scorecard for my domain names and see where they stand. There are so many of them now its really difficult to keep track of. There are actually a few of them that I probably need to let go. it can be kind of hard to delete them though, especially after you've worked so hard on something, even if it isn't turning a profit anymore.


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