Thursday, June 19, 2008

Its another day off, thank goodness because I am exhausted. I finally broke down and bought some arch supports last night. They weren't enough support and I have to shove little pieces of folded paper underneath them to make them higher. Now I'm sitting here listing another stack of books, The last of the books left from last weeks scouting. its a good thing too because I start scouting again today. Yesterday I picked up 3 off of the sale tables at the Antique Bookstore and today I hit the second hand stores. Tomorrow and Saturday its time for Garage saling again. Coyote has continued to fill his store with things to sell and has been earning money on Second Life designing and building houses for people. He just got a job as a builder for a corporation in the game. Its not a game corporation, its a corporation in real life that builds houses in the game. He receives 181 real dollars per project. If your wondering why they hired a 15 year old kid its because they think he is a 34 year old woman, lol. Its my account.


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