Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Weddings

I can remember way back when I picked out my wedding invitations. Such a big deal was made out of the wording because my parents couldn't afford to pay for anything. My mother was laid off and out of work and we were actually going to go to the justice of the peace (this was my first marriage) but my mother in law insisted that we have a wedding. She and her sister helped me plan it. She was so rude to my mother though, I never forgave her for it.

Those were 1st Class Wedding Invitations though. They were printed on a cream colored background with gold printing and didn't really match the rest of my black, red, and white wedding but they were beautiful. The second time I got married at the justice of the peace. I'm not sure if I would ever want to plan another big wedding like that again. Mouse will get married someday but I don't really see her asking me to help her plan it. She never asks me to help her do anything. has this cool new Zoom feature on there website so you can zoom in on a picture and see the details of it. That way you can get a really good look at your invitations before you buy them.


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