Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Social Spark

Thew new paid to blog site SocialSpark has gone live. Its actually been live for about a month or so. I don't know how well the opportunities are going on the site. I have joined but haven't found anything on there to take. Still in this day and age most of us need all of the extra dollars and cents we can get since its gotten so expensive just to try and live day to day. If you have a blog and you need extra money it might very well be worth checking out. There is a good chance you can make some extra gas money or grocery money. Who knows your blog might be worth a lot more than you think it is and you could make all kinds of money you didn't have before. It really doesn't take that long to write ads on one blog at all and since social Spark uses no follow tags you aren't going to run the risk of loosing your page rank as you would with other paid to blog site you might use. After all we can't forget the page rank spank of October 2007 can we. If you were blogging for money then you can';t at least. It was a big nightmare for just about all of us.


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