Friday, June 06, 2008

Uuugh I have a pimple in my nose and it hurts. My deposit isn't here which means it won;t be here until Monday and I'm nearly out of gas. I have a 10 dollar deposit thats supposed to come through today and 20 dollars that I hope will come through tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday to go through as weekend deposits sometimes do.
I have not gotten as much work done as wanted to do. I didn't get any books listed yesterday although I did get all of the new orders wrapped up and shipped off. Since my latest deposit isn't here today I'm going to have to wait until Monday when it does get here to ship anything else off. It also means I can forget about garage saling this weekend. Its supposed to be hot and sunny tomorrow too which means there will be lots of them going on too. I hate missing a weekend for any reason even though I still have plenty of books to list.


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