Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well there laying someone off at Rent A Center and its not my husband for a change, ha haha. Its actually Tamera, the woman that keeps stealing time from the company, she is left in charge when the boss is off our out of town and will do things like go to the bank and stay gone for two hours. take 2 lunch breaks, one of them paid and go get her car detailed. Go run errands for the store and be gone for three hours. She will be at the store for maybe 2 or 3 hours the entire day the boss is gone and then on the phone talking to her girlfriends or boyfriends for that period of time. She has been trying to get fired but what she hasn't realized yet is there not going to fire her. There going to offer her a transfer to a store for less money that to far away for her to commute to so she has to quit. Its a nasty cooperate trick to get out of paying unemployment and really messed up considering she has two young children and a sick mother she takes care of, but in the same respect, it serves her right.


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