Friday, August 29, 2008

Lately I have been scouring my medicinal herb websites for the best acne treatment. With all of the stress I have been under waiting for this deal to go down that I can't tell anyone on here about just yet I have been breaking out with acne left and right. And I mean the big hard painful lumps that are so difficult to deal with. Sadly they don't just appear on your face either. I have one of those hard painful lumps on my elbow the other day and another one on the back of my leg.
Here is a very different domain name. Its I went and looked at it. It looks like one of those agencies that watches your credit for you to make sure your not a victim of credit fraud. We all know what a pain in the rear that whole mess can be don't we. I will never forget that time I got pulled over and they ran my social and it came back as a 34 year old man. Luckily there was an officer on duty that night that I used to date in high school and he came to my rescue.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do you know what an unlocked cell phones cell phone is. I think its a cell phone that you can use kind of like wireless internet on a laptop. I kind of thought it was like that already accept for the fact that you have to pay a monthly fee. I'm sure they have a much more convenient want of managing that whole system though.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I have reached Chapter 8 of the book and it somehow went in a direction I wasn't expecting. I never expected the my Hero's ship to end up on an island in the alien ocean with the inhabited by the alien planets own version of witches. But this does make sense since my protagonist will finally have someone to convince her that her magical abilities are more significant than they have been in the past. I really need to get my protagonist off the Pirate ship though. This will make 4 chapters on the ship and I really think thats long enough. I need to get her to port, break her heart, and sell her to the secondary hero

Friday, August 15, 2008

You should check out Oscar de la Renta. Its really really cool.

Still no word on the big news I have been waiting on because a certain person is still dragging there butt. Its so frustrating. I have a headache. Why is it I can't ever get out of wal-mart or a grocery store when I get off work at 10pm in under less than 15 minutes. It seems like where ever I go at that particular time of night I have to wait in line for ever

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tell the Whole Truth!!!!

Here is something interesting I found after watching the news last night talk about Russia's invasion of Georgie. Glen beck in particular made a point to mention the pipeline that runs through Georgia. However Georgia does not control that pipeline, the oil company BP Global controls that pipeline and decides if oil flows through it or not. Here is what I learned that I did not see on the news last night. South Osettia wants nothing to do with Georgia and wants to be allied with Russia. On August 9th Putin demanded that Georgia immediately halt its invasion of south Ossetia. Georgia invaded South Osettia on "OLYMPIC NIGHT". That was August 10th right. Russia responded to defend South Osettia. I'm not condoning the murder of civilians but I'm just wondering why I haven't heard anything about Georgia invading South Ossetia before Russia responded by attacking them. The news painted the whole incident last night to look like Russia just rolled across the border into Georgia for no apparent reason and attacked and thats not what happened.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I am watching Big Love on the DVR this morning. In this episode the mother of the main character who has made it clear she can't stand her husband or any of her other sister wives goes to the "first wives" funeral to tell her husband she wants to be legally married to him now that the first wife is dead. Its her right as second wife. However, she has made it clear she can't stand the man and goes out of her way to screw him over. Its really kind of funny that she thinks he will do that.

I think this is an old episode though because the furniture in it is much older and in other episodes I've seen she has new furniture. I did read that due to the writers strike the new season of big love will be delayed until sometime in 2009 but I haven't seen all of the old episodes.

I am still waiting for this thing that was this other persons idea to happen. Almost everything is in place and waiting on this person. I still can't tell what it is but I'm frustrated that its taking so long.

Its getting close to mid August now and some cold fronts we have had have reminded me of fall days and turning leaves. I found some autumn Southern Living magazines and its make me crave those cooler temperatures and winter clothes as well. Pumpkins and Apples, winter clothes, turning leaves.

I've sold plenty of seeds online. Lots of yellow honeysuckle and some hollyhock mixes and none of the banana seeds that I ordered. I ordered rare Chinese, Pink velvet, and Blood Bananas and listed them and haven't sold a one. I thought they would be more popular than that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Do you know how frustrating it is to be 34 years old and still have acne. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that has acne at this age. I just remember being told as a teenager that its a teenage thing and it is soooooo not a teenage thing. I have had acne ever since i was 12 years old and discovered the first blackheads on my nose. They never went away.
So is it the plasma TV's that suck up as much electricity as a refrigerator. I think its the Plasma Tv. I can ask bear, he will know for sure. Its a little silly to make your house eco friendly and then buy a Plasma Tv which is heavier than an LCD and uses up more electricity. Just get an LCD TV. Thats much greener and pocket friendly as well.
You know what makes excellant cat toys. Empty brown paper grocery sacks. The cats love them. They like to crawl inside of them and sleep and they also like to pounce and play on them as well. Isn’t that interesting. I’ve been told its because the movement imitates prey and the rustling is like the rustling of something in the grass there about to pounce on.
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