Monday, August 11, 2008

I am watching Big Love on the DVR this morning. In this episode the mother of the main character who has made it clear she can't stand her husband or any of her other sister wives goes to the "first wives" funeral to tell her husband she wants to be legally married to him now that the first wife is dead. Its her right as second wife. However, she has made it clear she can't stand the man and goes out of her way to screw him over. Its really kind of funny that she thinks he will do that.

I think this is an old episode though because the furniture in it is much older and in other episodes I've seen she has new furniture. I did read that due to the writers strike the new season of big love will be delayed until sometime in 2009 but I haven't seen all of the old episodes.

I am still waiting for this thing that was this other persons idea to happen. Almost everything is in place and waiting on this person. I still can't tell what it is but I'm frustrated that its taking so long.

Its getting close to mid August now and some cold fronts we have had have reminded me of fall days and turning leaves. I found some autumn Southern Living magazines and its make me crave those cooler temperatures and winter clothes as well. Pumpkins and Apples, winter clothes, turning leaves.

I've sold plenty of seeds online. Lots of yellow honeysuckle and some hollyhock mixes and none of the banana seeds that I ordered. I ordered rare Chinese, Pink velvet, and Blood Bananas and listed them and haven't sold a one. I thought they would be more popular than that.


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