Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tell the Whole Truth!!!!

Here is something interesting I found after watching the news last night talk about Russia's invasion of Georgie. Glen beck in particular made a point to mention the pipeline that runs through Georgia. However Georgia does not control that pipeline, the oil company BP Global controls that pipeline and decides if oil flows through it or not. Here is what I learned that I did not see on the news last night. South Osettia wants nothing to do with Georgia and wants to be allied with Russia. On August 9th Putin demanded that Georgia immediately halt its invasion of south Ossetia. Georgia invaded South Osettia on "OLYMPIC NIGHT". That was August 10th right. Russia responded to defend South Osettia. I'm not condoning the murder of civilians but I'm just wondering why I haven't heard anything about Georgia invading South Ossetia before Russia responded by attacking them. The news painted the whole incident last night to look like Russia just rolled across the border into Georgia for no apparent reason and attacked and thats not what happened.


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