Friday, October 31, 2008

I heard a roomer that the bastard that owns the two Taaco Bells in town and the one in Dardanelle just lost his franchise thing. He has been behind on it in the oast several times and failed several inspections. They actually have come close to loosing it several times but from what I understand this last battle with the labor board was the final straw.
I sat here for 1.15 hours today before receiving my first phone call. Not that I am complaining or anything. It was rather nice after yesterday. We were actually somewhat busy yesterday and it seemed like all of the calls I got were all really awful. My favorite one is where I was screamed at in Arabic. I'm assuming that the man was cussing me out.

Its interseting that I would have gotten that call yesterday because I was reading a book called "Princess" Sultana's daughters. It’s a true story about an Arabic Princess and the problems she has had with her daughters. One was rebellious, became a lesbian, and practiced Witchraft (go Maha) and the other one became a religious fanatic and would do such outragious things as going up to a hotel manager in france and insisting he provide separate elevators for men and women.

Can you imagine trying to force such strict rules on american women. Men would die! Great leaders would die because we would poison there *sses. we would be like barbarian women from the movies keeping the men in cages and choosing the ones we liked for the evening. Ha hahaha.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Naturally Speaking

I can remember the first time i saw a commercial for one of those type when you talk devices. I thought it was the coolest thing. I got one and tried to program it but it was a cheap one and it didn't work very well for me at all. The one below is supposed to be much much better than that. Of course its been years since the first one came out. According to the information below you can Type at $150 Words Per Minute for $99!.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

Press Release:

Here is another great video review by Lisa, who coincidently writes the blog Lisa Reviews. She writes about how she can write at 150 words per minute with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

I think one of the key takeaways from her video, the key insight that is, is that she is able to write a lot more in those spare moments of time that she has while she's doing other things. Sometimes it's great to multitask, but it's even more important to be able to accomplish useful goals in those spare two or three or four minute pockets of time that we all experience throughout the day.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking a four minute pocket of time can translate into 600 words! That could be three or four e-mails or one or two long blog articles if you're a blogger like Lisa.

For just $99 you can get started with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and have it trained in running in about seven minutes. The software with version 10 is simply amazing.

I have been writing about Dragon NaturallySpeaking for almost 2 years now. I have been able to type at rates of up to 167 words per minute with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. That speed was clocked while I was taking a typing test, but even in practical situations when I factor in not only the time it takes to type, but the time that it also takes to edit the words I typed, the end result is that I can still achieve about 100 words a minute, INCLUDING editing time! J

That is extremely fast, and the inclusion of editing time, speaks to the advances that you can see in version 10 as compared to older versions such as version 8 or version 9. It's a lot easier to edit on the fly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.

So if you're looking for a practical tool for your home office, for your writing or blog work, or even just to keep up with e-mail in your spare time, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can give you the power to write at 150 words a minute for a price that starts at $99. Heck, I think I paid that much almost for my last keyboard so that I wouldn't pound my fingers to death. :-)

Brett Bumeter
Softduit Media
PS this article includes about 376 words that I wrote with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. It took me about 3 1/2 minutes to write and edit this article, which is just a little bit better than 100 words per minute and that includes editing time.

Things Lately

Its Friday, yippie. I'm writing this at work again. I have found this to be the best time to write blog entries. It does make me a little nervious to have so much free time but they keep hiring and training new people and promotions are constantly being offered so it must not be that much of an issue.

Book store sales have gone up a little bit. Actually being able to go out and buy books to sell probably has a lot to do with that. I spent 6 weeks not buying books because I was waiting for that bastard that said he wanted to buy our house to do "something" only to have him back out later.

I have offically stopped building the earth bag house. My body just will not take the stress and Bear's certainly won't. Its probably just as well because since around Febuary I have had this strange desire to live in town. The house we were going to buy when this one sold was a house in town as well. I was surrounded by trees and looked kind of like it was in the country and even had a septic tank because city sewer is not available on the mountain. It was on Skyline Drive. This is significant because when I was a kid if you were rich you lived on or slightly off of Skyline drive. The house we picked out was 46 years old and probably one of the smaller ones up there at 1900 square feet. it had awalk out basement and a magnificant view of the city. I really could have loved that cute little house. after our deal fell through and the sell sign was only back in the window for a few weeks.

There are a few other older homes up there I would like to have and if there not updated I could probably afford them. Any of the older homes that have been updated sell for 200k. There are at least 6 of them up there that are that age that may or may not be updated.

Bear has decided to wait until after the first of the year to go job hunting. The reason being is that if he got a new job now we may go another two months without health insurance while waiting for mine to kick in. I won't have health insurance for another 64 days. I do have life insurance though on Bear, myself, and the kids. That started at day 1. I also have this insurance called MetLaw that pays my legal fees should I ever need a lawyer. That won't cover any employer employee conflicts, divorces, or frivolious lawsuits initiated by me, but if I get sued or even have so much as a speeding ticket they will take care of it and I don't have to pay a dime. Isn't that cool!!! I actually just used them for a ticket I got for not having proof of insurance in the car. It made me feel like a rich person to take that ticket to a lawyer to be taken care of.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Seeing the Light

I have a years worth on contact lenses thanks to my health insurance. After having gone so long without health insurance and therefore a very long time without contact lenses its very nice to be able to see clearly again. I often think that I really need to get some eyeglasses as well for emergencies. Its not wise for me to rely only on my contact lenses. After all if I had had glasses back when I used up my last pair of contact lenses I wouldn't have had to walk around without contact lenses for so long.

Or maybe I could have just gotten them from They sell prescription glasses for 8 dollars a pair. I could actually afford 8 dollars a pair without health insurance. I wouldn't have been able to afford the exam to get the prescription but I might have actually been able to afford the glasses. They have a really big selection of really cool frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

If you don't have health insurance and can't afford to spend the rediculous amount of money needed to buy a pair of eyeglasses you may want to check out and see if you can find some eyeglasses on the website that you like.
I am at work getting paid at this very moment and writing a blog post. I really, really think I am going to like this job. I even kind of like the 8am to 5pm thing. Unfortunately that’s not going to last. My schedule will be changing to 10am to 7 pm after we finish the next two weeks of what is referred to as nesting. The reason for that schedule is so I can make stops off at the post office before work. I'm to afraid of being late coming back from a lunch break to try and send the books off on my break. Maybe if I had Endica I could do that but endica costs 30 dollars a month and I don't feel like my book store is able to carry that expense at this point in time.

I think the reason I like going to work from 8am to 5pm is because I like driving through the hills and across the lake when the sun is rising. For the past two weeks I've had the pleasure of seeing steam rising from the mirror like suface of the water. The sun is just rising above the mountains at this time of the morning. when I pull out of my driveway it’s a burning red orange ball of fire sitting on top of the mountains and by the time I cross the lake its turned the color of copper. There are clouds of pale blue grey fog hanging on low spots all over the darker blue grey mountains and the shimmering water on the lake is always shades of coppery pink and blue.

The sun is still up when I'm driving home. Were not that far along in the year yet. Unfortunately, when I am driving to work at 10am the sun will have already been up for a few hours and when I'm leaving at 7pm it will already be dark. I might get the pleasure of seeing the sun set when the days get long again but that won't be for several months.

A lot has been going on around here and it hasn't left me much time to write regular blog posts. For one thing my paid blogging has plummeted so much that I had to get a regular job. I worked at the Wal-Mart deli for 6 months while trying to get a job here. I also started writing fiction again. I had an epic dream that inspired a truly perfect story. I'm on chapter 12 of that story and over 55000 words deep into it. I will begin chapter 12 today. The work load here in this new call center is so low that I will be able to work on that book while I am here, on the clock, working. I can write on my work computer and use my work email to send it to my laptop at home and its totally OK with the bosses. I also get free flavored coffee out of a machine and really awesome benefits. My book store has continued to grow and I have managed to maintain sales of 40 books a week. The amount of money I make depends on the quality of the books I managed to find at the previous weekends garage sales though. So far its managed to provide me with gas money and a little bit of spending money and that’s it. I enjoy selling books so much that my small profits really don't bother me that much. Bear has even managed to finish his BS online and will be looking for a new job after the first of the year. I won't have insurance for another two months and if he went and got a new job now we would be without insurance for that two month period. Its kind of a pity though because I saw a sales account manager position at Tyson that he would be perfect for and it pays 60 K a year. I sat down and figured out the taxes on that and came up with a figure of around 4k a month. Wouldn't that be awesome. He would be making as much as he used to make selling cleaner at a regular 9 to 5 job.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am so tired but I must stay awake so I can watch True Blood when it comes on in 30 minutes. I am so tired though I really don't think I will be able to keep my eyes open. I'm hungry too. I have this sudden craving for a salad. I wonder if all of the fruits and veggies I have been eating have something to do with the terrible gas I have had lately.
I do love the gym at the place I work. There is a treadmill and anelliptical as well as a bicycle and a weight machine of sorts. They even have some exercise balls that I can use. I think one of the best things about the job is the free coffee machine with all of the wonderful flavored coffees in it. The cream de caramel is the best.
I got that wonderful job at that new call center and it is wonderful but it makes me nervous to get calls about broken tvs because it makes me worried about mine breaking. So many people call and say they just turned the Tv on and it has lines across the screen and I wonder if they could happen to my TV as well. I try not to think about it.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I have done a lot of searching and I have yet to find an appetite suppressant that nature has made. I have heard of things but not anything that can be found in North America. It always comes from some other country so that I can't forage it in the wild. The only thing that's even close is caffeine. I don't know if that is truly an appetite suppressant. Its just that whenever I drink coffee I don't have a desire to eat anymore.
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