Friday, October 31, 2008

I sat here for 1.15 hours today before receiving my first phone call. Not that I am complaining or anything. It was rather nice after yesterday. We were actually somewhat busy yesterday and it seemed like all of the calls I got were all really awful. My favorite one is where I was screamed at in Arabic. I'm assuming that the man was cussing me out.

Its interseting that I would have gotten that call yesterday because I was reading a book called "Princess" Sultana's daughters. It’s a true story about an Arabic Princess and the problems she has had with her daughters. One was rebellious, became a lesbian, and practiced Witchraft (go Maha) and the other one became a religious fanatic and would do such outragious things as going up to a hotel manager in france and insisting he provide separate elevators for men and women.

Can you imagine trying to force such strict rules on american women. Men would die! Great leaders would die because we would poison there *sses. we would be like barbarian women from the movies keeping the men in cages and choosing the ones we liked for the evening. Ha hahaha.


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