Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, its another Monday. This will only be a 3 day work week for me and then I get a 4 day weekend, 2 days paid. Bear put up the Christmas tree Sunday and we discovered that all of out glass balls seem to be missing. After we thought about it we realized that so many of them were damaged last year that we decided to throw them all away. Until then the tree sits with only lights on it.

I did not get to see twilight this weekend like I had planned. Coyote and his girlfriend went to see it Friday night when it opened. Nicole's mother waited in line 3 hours in the cold for the tickets. I decided that I was in no mood to wait in line hours for the tickets. We plan to go tomorrow night.

I've learned that the house we nearly bought before the sale of this one fell through is still for sale despite the fact that the for sale sign is not longer in the window. Bear finally got curious and called the guy. It doesn't make me feel hopeful about it though. Unless someone walks up out off the blue and decides to buy this one again there is not a chance in hell. It wasn't really as ideal as we thought it was at the time anyway. The front yard was close to that busy street and the traffic could be plainly heard in the back yard. I also really do need a 4th bedroom for the book store. I still would have loved it even if it wasn't ideal just for its view of the city and for its simple beauty. I was also looking forward to tearing into the back yard that no one had touched for 15 years.

There was a garage sale at another house I admire up there this weekend. Its the green one with the native stone accents and a cobblestone driveway. Its current owner is a senior citizen and she told me that hers was one of the first houses on the mountain. She told me that when she built her home Skyline Drive was still a dirt road. I couldn't tell if the home was updated inside or not. If it is I couldn't afford it but if its not that I could.

Bear starts sending out his resume this weekend. I am really excited.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here I sit writing this entry dreading the thought of going to work later. Its not a bad job by any means. Its easy, the call volume is low, the gym and very fattening free coffee are a plus and once the supervisor, MonaLisa, leaves I can read or crochet or do what ever I want.

I determined Friday that she truly does despise me. I have caught her giving me really nasty looks when she thought before, but during a meeting Friday I had a comment about something she was having us do and she looked at me like she would have rather torn my head right off of my shoulders than hear anything I had to say. I think we switch supervisors in a few weeks. If not I may request to be moved. I really like the people I sit around but knowing that Mona Lisa can't stand me.

There is a supervisor in the Walton department that I love. Her name is Duranda. She is probably 20 years my senior, she remembers my name even though I am not in her group and she always has a smile and a cheery good morning when ever I see her.

Maybe I should try following her example and be cheery and great everyone with a smile no matter what.

I drove past the house we nearly bought again yesterday. There was another older home in the same area we wanted to take a look at (you never know, another developer could come up and offer us money again) which we turned out not to be able to afford. That's even with Bear getting his degree in December and getting a better job. Actually we probably could afford the payment after he gets a job with his degree. With taxes and insurance on a 349000 dollar home the payment would be 2500 thousand a month. I just don't feel comfortable taking on that kind of debt.

Anyway, back to the point. The cute little house still sits with the for sale sign gone from the window, the same contact information there, and still only partially finished. When I first saw the for sale sign gone from the window (after the sale of our house fell through and we could no longer buy it our self) I thought someone else bought it. Yet the owners contact information remains in the window and nothing has been done to the house two months later. My husband thinks he may have taken it off the market to try and finish it so he can sell it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its 7am and here I am, sitting here bored out of my skull. I checked my book store and there is nothing new since yesterday around 6pm and I wonder why I always seem to receive most of my orders during the day and never any at night. I know there are people on the internet at night they just don't seem to be buying my books. Maybe its because they don't read in English.

I've learned a lot since opening my Amazon store. I've learned which books sell the best and which books are more likely to sit on my shelves and loose there value the quickest. I've learned about selling penny books and why it can be profitable. I've also learned I want to be selling with the big boys and not just shipping about 50 books a week. They appear to be selling between 100 to 150 books a day. Its impossible to calculate that kind of profit. I can only guess since the profit on books can be so varied. It was not my intention to make this post about books but it seems to be what rules my thoughts these days.

The job is working out OK. I really hate the Lead in my section. She is a bitch and I swear sometimes she looks at me like she absolutely despises me. I love being able to go into the company fitness center and run on the treadmill in the mornings. I also love the free Wolfgang Puck flavored coffee we get from the machine in the break room. I really hate the fact that out supervisor does not allow us to read when were not on a call though. Its incredibly boring without that because there are not enough people around to talk too just yet. She is off on Wednesday and Thursday and I fully take advantage of those days by reading when she is not there. She also gets off an hour earlier than me and I read during that hour too.

Bear will have his degree very soon though and that could very well change everything. He is going to go ahead and get his resume done today. So far everything available that I have seen in this area requiring a BS pays between 60 to 70k a year. One of them even allowed him to work from his home office and provided him with a company car.

Well, its time for me to leave if I'm going to run before I start work.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I am always on the look out for fancy brand names when I am out at the garage sales. I have my current husband to thank for introducing me to expensive brand names. I wouldn't have a clue what they were if it weren't for him. Now thanks to him I have a closet full of clothes that are very nice and would have been very expensive to buy new. I have yet to find any brand name Sector watches
Things like Vegas vacations are not apart of my life. Vacations like that don't really do it for me anyway. I do like theme parks although I am really to old to ride the rides at theme parks. I found that out at the county fair one year. My husband and I decided to try and ride the rides and we felt like we had been beaten up the next day. We haven't tried that since.
A CAT5e is a kind of electrical cord. Or maybe its a computer cord. I can't remember now. I have had a very good day in sales. 13 items with another one pending. I don't think I have had 14 sales in a day in quiet a while. Not since valentines. I wish that I could have 14 sales a day everyday of the week. I actually wish that I could have 150 sales in a day every single day or more.
When my husband was a teenager he used to steal things like exit signs and neighborhood watch signs for fun. He used to have them hung on the walls of his workout room. There was always something about that room that I liked. It had cheap paneling on the walls and no air conditioning. You had to go through sliding glass doors to get to it. I liked it still though for reasons I couldn't really explain.
Have you ever heard of talking watches. I have seen talking coke machines. Unfortunately the one I saw did not talk for long. Its little voice box wore out pretty quickly. I am starting to get a migraine though so anything that talks is sounding like a bad idea at the moment. To make matters worse I can't seem to find my icy hot.
I don't have any football trophies. Neither does bar. I used to have a horse show trophy but it wasn't mine. I bought it at a second hand store for the purpose of making up stories about how I got it. Ha haha. I don't have any trophies or anything like that though. I don't really need any to decorate with anyway. I think they look a little bit silly. I bet I can find loads of them on eBay for sale.
I no longer have a desire to decorate this house for fix it up but I still like the thought of redecorating or remodeling. One kind of lighting that I like is maxim lighting. I usually look for something pretty specific when it comes to lighting because the right kind of lighting can really make a room. Kind of like the pendant light handing in front of the kids bathroom that we got on sail. The shade is leather and has veins in it kind of like veins in marble.
About 50% of the employees here are dressed for Halloween. its kind of intersting. I think we should all dress up like this on a regular basis. That’s just the freaky side of me talking though. The kind that likes vampires and scary movies and loves things others would consider creepy like crumbling plaster, rust, water damage, exc. I watched that movie Silent Hill dozens of times just because I loved the rust and decay of it all. I also loved the grey foggy part of the town which was ash falling.
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