Monday, November 17, 2008

Here I sit writing this entry dreading the thought of going to work later. Its not a bad job by any means. Its easy, the call volume is low, the gym and very fattening free coffee are a plus and once the supervisor, MonaLisa, leaves I can read or crochet or do what ever I want.

I determined Friday that she truly does despise me. I have caught her giving me really nasty looks when she thought before, but during a meeting Friday I had a comment about something she was having us do and she looked at me like she would have rather torn my head right off of my shoulders than hear anything I had to say. I think we switch supervisors in a few weeks. If not I may request to be moved. I really like the people I sit around but knowing that Mona Lisa can't stand me.

There is a supervisor in the Walton department that I love. Her name is Duranda. She is probably 20 years my senior, she remembers my name even though I am not in her group and she always has a smile and a cheery good morning when ever I see her.

Maybe I should try following her example and be cheery and great everyone with a smile no matter what.

I drove past the house we nearly bought again yesterday. There was another older home in the same area we wanted to take a look at (you never know, another developer could come up and offer us money again) which we turned out not to be able to afford. That's even with Bear getting his degree in December and getting a better job. Actually we probably could afford the payment after he gets a job with his degree. With taxes and insurance on a 349000 dollar home the payment would be 2500 thousand a month. I just don't feel comfortable taking on that kind of debt.

Anyway, back to the point. The cute little house still sits with the for sale sign gone from the window, the same contact information there, and still only partially finished. When I first saw the for sale sign gone from the window (after the sale of our house fell through and we could no longer buy it our self) I thought someone else bought it. Yet the owners contact information remains in the window and nothing has been done to the house two months later. My husband thinks he may have taken it off the market to try and finish it so he can sell it.


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