Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its 7am and here I am, sitting here bored out of my skull. I checked my book store and there is nothing new since yesterday around 6pm and I wonder why I always seem to receive most of my orders during the day and never any at night. I know there are people on the internet at night they just don't seem to be buying my books. Maybe its because they don't read in English.

I've learned a lot since opening my Amazon store. I've learned which books sell the best and which books are more likely to sit on my shelves and loose there value the quickest. I've learned about selling penny books and why it can be profitable. I've also learned I want to be selling with the big boys and not just shipping about 50 books a week. They appear to be selling between 100 to 150 books a day. Its impossible to calculate that kind of profit. I can only guess since the profit on books can be so varied. It was not my intention to make this post about books but it seems to be what rules my thoughts these days.

The job is working out OK. I really hate the Lead in my section. She is a bitch and I swear sometimes she looks at me like she absolutely despises me. I love being able to go into the company fitness center and run on the treadmill in the mornings. I also love the free Wolfgang Puck flavored coffee we get from the machine in the break room. I really hate the fact that out supervisor does not allow us to read when were not on a call though. Its incredibly boring without that because there are not enough people around to talk too just yet. She is off on Wednesday and Thursday and I fully take advantage of those days by reading when she is not there. She also gets off an hour earlier than me and I read during that hour too.

Bear will have his degree very soon though and that could very well change everything. He is going to go ahead and get his resume done today. So far everything available that I have seen in this area requiring a BS pays between 60 to 70k a year. One of them even allowed him to work from his home office and provided him with a company car.

Well, its time for me to leave if I'm going to run before I start work.


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