Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, its another Monday. This will only be a 3 day work week for me and then I get a 4 day weekend, 2 days paid. Bear put up the Christmas tree Sunday and we discovered that all of out glass balls seem to be missing. After we thought about it we realized that so many of them were damaged last year that we decided to throw them all away. Until then the tree sits with only lights on it.

I did not get to see twilight this weekend like I had planned. Coyote and his girlfriend went to see it Friday night when it opened. Nicole's mother waited in line 3 hours in the cold for the tickets. I decided that I was in no mood to wait in line hours for the tickets. We plan to go tomorrow night.

I've learned that the house we nearly bought before the sale of this one fell through is still for sale despite the fact that the for sale sign is not longer in the window. Bear finally got curious and called the guy. It doesn't make me feel hopeful about it though. Unless someone walks up out off the blue and decides to buy this one again there is not a chance in hell. It wasn't really as ideal as we thought it was at the time anyway. The front yard was close to that busy street and the traffic could be plainly heard in the back yard. I also really do need a 4th bedroom for the book store. I still would have loved it even if it wasn't ideal just for its view of the city and for its simple beauty. I was also looking forward to tearing into the back yard that no one had touched for 15 years.

There was a garage sale at another house I admire up there this weekend. Its the green one with the native stone accents and a cobblestone driveway. Its current owner is a senior citizen and she told me that hers was one of the first houses on the mountain. She told me that when she built her home Skyline Drive was still a dirt road. I couldn't tell if the home was updated inside or not. If it is I couldn't afford it but if its not that I could.

Bear starts sending out his resume this weekend. I am really excited.


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