Friday, January 16, 2009

Its another day, thank goddess its Friday. Its also 7 minutes after 8am and I need to get off my but, get dressed, get to the post office, and go work out so I can manage to get it all done before I clock in at 10 am. We were soooo busy yesterday. its weird to be that busy 3 weeks after Christmas. The shorter days work is offering are soooo tempting.

I had to change one of my passwords yesterday (something we have to do every six weeks) and I changed it to Daylily1. Yes, were half way through January and I am already dreaming of spring.

We should be getting our insurance check soon and will be able to replace our stolen laptops. In anticipation of this were going to Clarksville tomorrow to check out what BestBuy has to offer. They have an extended warranty that will also cover accidental damage. OMG i need to get moving.


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