Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My lastest full moon ceremony

I want to talk about my full moon ceremony the other night. It was a surprisingly successful one despite being sick and having a painful back injury. After looking for 20 minutes to find the enchanted powder I made for marking my circle and the home made incense for consecrating my ritual fire I finally made it back into the woods to my sacred space.

I lay down the white sheet I was going to sit on, marked and sealed my circle with enchanted powder. I was delighted when one of my familiars, a grey tom cat named Vadar, joined me in the circle to lend his energy. I called each of the quarters and then squatted down in front of the small pile of sticks and leaves I'd made earlier in the day. I really should have checked to make sure I had a good lighter because it took me several tries to get the fire going. Then I stood up, Athame in hand, and raised its shimmering waving point to the bright white orb hanging in the sky and invoked the names of my female deities. With each name I felt that familiar tingling sensation shoot down my arms and into my body. Then I sat down on the white sheet that was meant to keep me from getting stains on my white skirt (have to wear all white for a full moon ceremony), tossed the incense into the fire, and passed the blade through the flames before touching its tip to each of my slips of paper.

Written on each piece of white paper were different things I intended to accomplish written in red ink (red ink quickens things) with a red clockwise spiral drawn on the back of each one. Then one by one I read the slips in the dim light (next time I will remember to set up illuminator candles) and tossed each of them into the fire. I sat for a while to let the energy settle into things and then broke my circle and dismissed the quaters. I didn't drop the energy I gathered from the moon and forest back into the ground though. I could feel it tingling on my lips the next morning when I took a zip of coffee and its residue hung around or a few days afterword. Its gone now. But it was nice and interesting carrying it around like that.


Blogger CatHerder said...

What is it with cats and circle....i cant keep them out ever...or off my newspaper either lol.

6:32 AM  
Blogger dragonfly183 said...

or off of the laptop or the remote control!!! Mine are constantly trying to lay on top of the remote controls.

6:07 AM  

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