Sunday, February 22, 2009

Does anyone know what a compact flash is. Maybe its a flash drive or something like that.

My eye is better but it took longer than 24 hours to heel. All week long it was red and watery. My eyelids got sore, swollen, and raw. I was miserable all week. This morning I got my contact lens back in and the swelling is going down.

I have got to get out there and clean those leaves out of the stone beds.
Way back when I worked at Arby's a long time ago we used to have frequent 20 dollar shortages in the cash drawer. It took them forever to figure out who was taking the money. There was this one employee that everyone trusted and he would often help out people who were behind and this usually included helping them with there drawer. He was a hard worker who was trusted and no one ever dreamed he would steal, but he was stealing. A hidden camera was installed and he was caught in the act. Funny isn't it, how you can never really know a person.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've had such a crappy day. So crappy I don't really feel like writing about it . . . But I am also bored. I laid an egg today so its probably PMS. Its been very humid for the last two days and my hair has been a disaster both days. I've been moved to another team at work. I really liked my old team and my old supervisor. I don't really think I'm going to like this new lady. I also don't like the area I'm sitting in. I can't see any of the monitors posted around the building because there all to far away and everyone sitting around me leaves at 5pm including my new supervisor. That means I'm sitting by myself for 2 hours when everyone around me used to be there until 7pm just like me. I came home to two more reports of lost books and undeserved neutral feedback on my bookstore. A person really should make sure there ordering "like new" if your expecting like new and not "used with light shelf wear and spinal creases'. Bear checked the unemployment office again today like he does every week and there is nothing at all with or without a degree. He continues to be stuck at rent-a-center. I only had 4 book sales today. There are some really nasty storms coming tonight.

I did start a really good book today. Its called Uglies. Its a very good book.

There is nothing wrong with the storms. I like storms/.

Friday, February 06, 2009

I had another one of those light bulbs calls today. The warranties we service don't cover the bulbs or lamps in the old projection TV's and there expensive to replace. So when a person finds out that they are not replaced they become very angry. I have a man screaming about his light bulb today. And its right there in the warranty. Its listed as number for under the paragraph that states what is not covered in "bold" print. Informing them of this does not make them any less angry.
I have thought that it might be about time to get a watch. I've been using my cell phone to tell time with but I may need to break down and get a watch. The reason being there are times when I am in the building and I'm not able to have my cell phone on. I saw some Zenith watches online the other day that I liked.
Do you know what Berkline is. There home theater seats. . . There is no point in me looking at them. I will never have a home theater.

I am worn out this week. It wasn't exceptionally hard, but I do feel mentally worn out. Its not as though my work is over. I have books in the spare bedroom (now my inventory room) that didn't get listed last week and still need to be listed and book scouting tomorrow. Then I have book listing on Sunday and getting what ever I sold over the weekend ready to ship out on Monday. It never stops.
At work recently they decided to start refunding items that are unrepairable with gift cards instead of checks as they have been doing. I think the customers really prefer checks. The reason being is that those gift cards have to be spent where they purchased the item and they may not want to buy another item in the same store.

After doing customer service for Wal-Mart and Sams these past 6 months I am very hesitant about buying electronic items there. I've bought plenty of items from them in the past and not always had a problem with them. I did get an Ipod for Christmas that had to be returned several years ago but we have an old sanyp tv we got there 7 years ago that still works as good as the day we bought it. Its in Chris's room right now.

I'm also really paranoid about my electronic items after hearing how some have been accidently damaged. Like a cat accidently knocking a laptop off of a couch and it landing in such way that its broken. One of my co workers had one the other day in which a young woman had an Ipod in her purse and her liquid make-up spilled out into it.
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