Friday, February 06, 2009

At work recently they decided to start refunding items that are unrepairable with gift cards instead of checks as they have been doing. I think the customers really prefer checks. The reason being is that those gift cards have to be spent where they purchased the item and they may not want to buy another item in the same store.

After doing customer service for Wal-Mart and Sams these past 6 months I am very hesitant about buying electronic items there. I've bought plenty of items from them in the past and not always had a problem with them. I did get an Ipod for Christmas that had to be returned several years ago but we have an old sanyp tv we got there 7 years ago that still works as good as the day we bought it. Its in Chris's room right now.

I'm also really paranoid about my electronic items after hearing how some have been accidently damaged. Like a cat accidently knocking a laptop off of a couch and it landing in such way that its broken. One of my co workers had one the other day in which a young woman had an Ipod in her purse and her liquid make-up spilled out into it.


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