Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've had such a crappy day. So crappy I don't really feel like writing about it . . . But I am also bored. I laid an egg today so its probably PMS. Its been very humid for the last two days and my hair has been a disaster both days. I've been moved to another team at work. I really liked my old team and my old supervisor. I don't really think I'm going to like this new lady. I also don't like the area I'm sitting in. I can't see any of the monitors posted around the building because there all to far away and everyone sitting around me leaves at 5pm including my new supervisor. That means I'm sitting by myself for 2 hours when everyone around me used to be there until 7pm just like me. I came home to two more reports of lost books and undeserved neutral feedback on my bookstore. A person really should make sure there ordering "like new" if your expecting like new and not "used with light shelf wear and spinal creases'. Bear checked the unemployment office again today like he does every week and there is nothing at all with or without a degree. He continues to be stuck at rent-a-center. I only had 4 book sales today. There are some really nasty storms coming tonight.

I did start a really good book today. Its called Uglies. Its a very good book.

There is nothing wrong with the storms. I like storms/.


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