Sunday, June 14, 2009

When we get the settlement for the accident pressure washers may be one of the things we look into purchasing. We have to pressure wash the house once a year at least due to the amount of green fungus that grows in the siding. It needs to be done now but Dennis can't exactly do that with his knee all messed up. Maybe next weekend we can borrow a pressure washer from our friend Kathy and I can take care of it for him. I bet he would be surprised if I did that. I might be surprised if I did that.
Our recent motorcycle accident makes me think maybe I should do a little bit of research about term life insurance rates. We both have life insurance. We all have a little bit less now that Bear no longer has a regular job and he probably won't be getting one anytime soon with knee surgery coming up. I keep hoping he won't have to have knee surgery but his symptoms seem to indicate that the tear in the cartilage is in the middle of his knee and that will require surgery to repair.
I really wish that I had a new house with a beautiful stamped concrete or outdoor tile floor on it and a beautiful stucco fireplace. If i had a patio then I could have nice patio furniture with pretty cushions on them that would be perfect for relaxing outdoors when the weather is nice. I've been wanting a new house for a while though and its just not happening. Maybe I should just give up completely on it. That's usually when I end up getting what I want. I give up completely on it and then boom all of a sudden there it is. I wonder if I am the only person that kind of thing happens to.
Do you think flash memory and regular memory are all that different. I don't know a whole lot about memory. I don't usually have to worry about it. That's my husband and my sons' department. Its usually my husband that determines what kind of computer I buy anyway. I have so many other things to research and work on though that I don't really think adding different kinds of memory is something I should do. I'll let my husband worry about it.
I have been in this home with all new furniture for 7 years now. When I saw all new furniture I mean I bought the furniture after I moved in because I sold all of my old furniture. After living here for 7 years with the step brats going from kids to teenagers . . . Well the furniture is looking pretty rough and rough looking furniture is kind of depressing. I wouldn't want to buy expensive furniture again because the kids still have a few teenage years left here so if I bought new furniture it would have to be discount furniture because I know its very likely that my furniture will look like crap again in a few years. They don't seem to learn to respect the furniture until after they move out of the house.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Most people don't know this but its extremely difficult to collect social security disability. Regardless of your disability you can expect to be denied thew first time you apply. Its as much a fact of life as the sun rising. When you are denied and only after you are denied you get a lawyer and apply again. Then you have to go to court with your lawyer and pray to god he or she is not in a bad mood. You can't get a lawyer until you are denied the first time and that first denial could take as long as six months. In the mean time you are sick or injured and you can't work. You have had to go on food stamps and have probably lost your car and been evicted from your home. I have seen this drag on for a year or longer. Its important to make sure you have a good lawyer when the you file a second time.
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