Sunday, June 14, 2009

I really wish that I had a new house with a beautiful stamped concrete or outdoor tile floor on it and a beautiful stucco fireplace. If i had a patio then I could have nice patio furniture with pretty cushions on them that would be perfect for relaxing outdoors when the weather is nice. I've been wanting a new house for a while though and its just not happening. Maybe I should just give up completely on it. That's usually when I end up getting what I want. I give up completely on it and then boom all of a sudden there it is. I wonder if I am the only person that kind of thing happens to.


Blogger mymicah5 said...

Send you wishes and desires out to the Universe, Believe they will happen,See them here already,Let them go and Wait to give Universe time to manifest them. When they happen say "Thank You". This is why things that you want come to you because you manifested them and Didn't really give up on them you let them go and after time the Universe manifest them for you. Go Girl you'll GET that house. I know because I did this and I got my house. ^0^ MCL

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