Saturday, October 31, 2009

I haven't had my ADD/fat burners/ anxiety pills in two days. They tend to build up in a persons system and I have two days where I felt completely exhausted so I may need to go a few days without them every now and then. Unlike most pills of there kind they are not a stimulant, there more like a sedative and actually might make you a little bit tired. The other day I think they may have made me a lot tired.
I wonder if it did me any good to list my websites in all of those free directory that I listed them in. The purpose of doing it was to give me more links back and help out my page rank. I think those free directories may be worthless though. After all its not really page rank that gets you to the top of the list anymore. Its having some select subject pages that show up high up on the Google search thing. I have two articles on two other blogs that show up number one on the Google search pages. I'm really proud of those pages.
I really need to find something healthy to eat. I have had nothing but crap all day long. Well except for breakfast when I had an omelet made by the . . . Whoever those people are that where the funny hats.

We have been so busy today and its frustrating because its the first really great day to go ride that we have had in a while and we have all kinds of stuff to do today. We have had so much rain that if we had rain barrels they would have been full 3 times over a month ago.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its much wiser to use anonline backup than it is to use an external hard drive. The reason is external hard drives are known to burn up. We get calls on external hard drives all of the time and the people are always pissed that there is nothing we can do to help them recover the information that is lost. I'm sorry but if there is smoke coming out of the unit there is nothing we can do to recover the lost data.
Do you think there is a difference between furnace filters and regular air filters. There probably isn't but I just read something about changing furnace filters and it got me to wondering if there is a difference. The only ones we have ever changed were the same ones we change fr the air conditioner. Well, its back to watching the corny late night tv show.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I recently started taking adhd medication. Its strattera. That very first day I was wired for sound and the days that followed I adjusted and felt more normal. Its great for loosing weight too. You literally just don't want anything to eat when your taking it. If something is put before you you will eat it but your never hungry and you never have cravings. I hope to get as thin as I used to be back during y sexy size 6 days.
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