Monday, December 28, 2009

Does anyone know what a pre-employment screening is? I have never heard of that. I guess maybe its a screening you would get before you went out and started doing job interviews or applying for jobs so that you don't screw up on your applications really bad or mess up in your interviews. That's all I can think that it would be.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I have been forgetting to take my diet pills lately. I've spend so much time sitting on my butt in front of this laptop lately I don't really think its going to make that much of a difference. Even with my appetite being curved I'm not really going to loose a lot of weight unless I an exercising. I have spent so much time on my bookstore I don't really have time to exercise.
I heard the phrase industrial computer the other day and I am still trying to figure out just exactly what that is. Other than memory size and such I don't really think there would be much of a difference. If you need major information storage or to have a lot of computers going through a central area I always assumed everything that needed to be done could be done from servers. Its not like I have a whole lot of experience in that area though.
I was watching an episode of extreme make-overs the other day and this family with a catering business got a nice big new house with a kitchen especially for there catering business as well as a big huge 400 thousand dollar RV to run the business out of. I hope that family can afford to pay rv insurance and the gas its going to take to fill that RV up. Not to mention the new utility bills for there house. I really wish the people at extreme make-overs would think about this kind of thing before they "blessed" those impoverished families with such extravagant gifts.
I may have to pay an additional 6 dollars to send an order to someone who's order was out of stock when I ordered it. That's 6 dollars more than I charged her. That's very frustrating. I found the maker of the particular item (as in where m wholesaler got it from) and have sent them an email. They charge 7.50 on shipping on order under 150 dollars so I am hoping I can get them to go ahead and ship that single flat to the customer for me. Its already late. I can't refund it now. I don't really think this is an issue that a business plan consultant would be able to help me with. If I was selling in a larger volume that extra 6 dollars wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not so it is a problem.
Writing these little blog posts these days is about as boring to me as searching for auto insurance quotes. I'm averaging about 20 dollars a day with my new store and that's with about 1500 items listed in it. I just signed up with another wholesaler who dropships who has over 22000 items that I can list. I have other dropshippers to go through too. I would like to be one of those sellers that has 500 thousand items listed and is selling a couple thousand a month. I'm sure its going to take me a while to reach that point though.
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