Sunday, January 31, 2010

I sometimes wonder about dust in our new eco friendly home. The dust in this mobile home is horrible. We bought this place new and the dust has always been horrible. I have lived in both old and new houses and none of them were this bad with dust. This makes me wonder about my eco home and what kind of dust I will encounter in it. I'm hoping that it won't be much. I don't plan on having a lot of surfaces to create dust with. This house won't have a central heating and air system so I do plan to run air filters throughout the house. After all I have several animals, my husband still smokes, and I do live in the woods.


Blogger Walter Jeffries said...

We have very little dust in our tiny cottage. It is wonderful. In our old farm house the dust was impossible, just awful. I hated it. Being able to easily keep the house clean is one of the many benefits of our new place.

4:43 PM  

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