Sunday, February 14, 2010

I hate tv stands for LCD TV's. I really wish we could mount the TV ion the wall. I wonder about the new house. I guess I can put 2x4's "in" the clay plaster to give me things to hook the tv and pictures and everything else too. It will make it a lot more difficult for Dennis to move furniture if we can only put the tv in one place. I am tired of waiting for the weather to warm up so I can start working on the real house instead of my little clay house model.
We have become so busy with the online store, Dennis's security business, and the motorcycle garage that we are opening next week that we can't imagine trying to find time for something like a vacation. How do we put aside all of the different things we are working on to do something like stay atvacation rentals Kauai or something. Were planning on going to the bike rally in Little rock next week simple to advertise for the specialty things that the garage does and the thought of taking off and leaving everything we work on for the weekend just seems insane. I'm tempted to tell Dennis I need to stay here while he goes.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We have made plans to buy some fitness equipment/ I wanted a treadmill but my husband is insisting on getting one of those elliptical things. I don't suppose matters. Its not as if either of us is really ever going to have time to use it. Not with Dennis's work at the bar and the garage and all of the time I put in on the online store. It would be nice if the amount of money we were making was reflected in the amount of work that we do.
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