Sunday, August 29, 2010

We don't have a lot of need for things like snow boots here in Arkansas simply because we don't get a lot of snow. Snow is a rare thing here in the mid south. When we do get it is usually melts off by afternoon. We do occassionally get enough to last afew days but thats not more than once or twice a year. I do sometimes think I would like to live in a climate that gets a lot of snow, then again I might end up hating.
They say Online School Courses are the way of the future for college students. I know several people who's collage age kids take many classes on line and other people who are pursueing Master's degrees who are doing so in the evenings when they get off work, also on line. I have no desire to return to school at all so its not something I hope to ever have to worry about.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've been hearing a lot about these barcode scanner applications you can download into your iphone. A friend of mine has one that scans the bar codes and tells you the nutritional information. I have also heard of one that will scan the barcode and tell you where to find the item your scanning the cheapest and where its located. Its pretty neat too.
We put a front deck on the house this summer. It has a roof on it. I've been waiting to have a front deck with a roof on it for 7 years. I would not allow my husband to build a front deck unless we could afford to put a roof on it. Now I am looking at patio furniture to put on it. I have found furniture that I like but I am having a hard time finding patio furniture cushions that I really like. There just really isn't a whole lot of variety.
I have never heard of atv racing. That's actually pretty unusual since I was born and raised in Arkansas and I have seen all kinds of crazy kinds of racing. I used to want to race horses when I was a teenager. Later on I got into Show Jumping and decided I would rather do that instead. I was very good on a horse. Sadly I haven't had one in 8 years. Maybe some day I will have another horse.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I do not know what POS systems are. I certainly don't know what POS is. It seems as if I should know. Its as if this was a major part of my vocabulary at some far off point in time but I just can't remember it. It probably meant something else though. Probably not what that particular phrase was intended to mean.
If I were to find a site for laptop reviews I would definitely brag about the ASUS laptop. Its been a really awesome laptop computer . I would if it at all possible buy another one when this one quits. Do you ever wonder how in the world we lived without internet access. I truly hope we never find ourselves in a situation where we have to be without it.
I used to really love christmas yard decorations. when I was younger I used to want to put them in my yard too. I don't anymore. It now seems like a pointless waste of time and energy. Besides, my dogs would just bark endlessly at what ever I put in the yard and pee all over it because they thought it was some strange creature entering there territory that needed to be dominated.
Short term disability insurance is a very helpful thing. Its great for injuries like broken arms or unexpected illnesses. Long term disability insurance is a crock of you know what. Its completely useless in my opinion. Its a major pain in the butt to even try to prove your disability is long term and it only goes into effect if your going to be out of commission for longer than two years. Your short term disability insurance usually only lasts 3 to 6 months.
I used to think that medicine cabinets were cool. Mostly just because I have never had one. When we moved to this place we bought a Robern Medicine cabinet to put in the bathroom next to the mirrors. I must admit it makes storing any medications and getting to them much easier. Its also a target for friends who have a drug problem. It took me a few times to understand why she was using the Master Bathroom to use go to the bathroom when she came over until I found pills missing. She is no longer allowed over at the house.
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