Sunday, September 26, 2010

I don't think I have ever owned a pair of rain boots and I live in Arkansas where we get a lot of rain. There have been plenty of occasions in which I think I would have used a pair of rain boots. There have also been occasions in which I thought I could have used some hip waders too. This is Arkansas after all.
I've moved 5 times in my lifetime and I have only received 1 house warming gift. I loved the gift too. I was a first time home buyer and I didn't have anything to decorate with other than my wedding flowers. I am terrible at giving gifts and I could really use a website full of housewarming gift ideas for new homeowners. I don't currently know anyone who is moving or planning on buying a new house in the future other than myself though.
I have a Koi pond but I don't have a pond aerators I just let the slime do the work. My water stays pretty clear unless it starts raining and a bunch of mud gets washed into the water. I want a Koi pond at the new house. I plan to pay people to clean it for me though. I don't want to have to have my hands in smelly slimy water ever again.
I don't think much about life insurance. I went from a marriage where I was very safe and secure with a husband who had a job where we had employer provided health insurance and life insurance to a self employed husband who had none of that. I don't think much about guaranteed acceptance life insurance at all now. I can't afford anything extra so there is no point. I hope to be making enough money soon that such things won't matter anyway.
I have often thought of getting one of those tabletop hydroponic systems to grow fresh herbs and maybe eve some fresh lettuce. It would be nice to have access to fresh basil all year long. I may soon be able to afford to grow it fresh. At this point in time I can't eat any basil unless it goes into my diet soup anyway. I am on a strict 5 weeks diet involving only watermelon and a very low calorie soup as well as walking at least 3 hours a day. Its day 1. I'm not starving or even going hungry but my feet are killing me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why would you need a human growth hormone. I guess maybe if you were a dwarf that might help you get bigger. It just doesn't sound safe to me. Just the phrase Growth Hormone makes me think of the deformed Russian women the Communist Government used to give steroids to. They really looked like monsters after years of abuse.
I don't have a big problem with wrinkles yet but when I do I am sure I will want to know best wrinkle cream. I have a bit of a baby face. My mother does too. I don't feel like I have skin as nice as hers but maybe I do and I just don't realise it. My sister has skin more like hers I think. At least she did before she got Chicken Pox and got all scarred up. I've been lucky. I've never had chicken pox. I would be a mess if I did. I can't leave any bump or scab on my body alone. can you imagine what i would look like after chicken pox.
A womans body is supposed to produce as much milk as her baby will need. This is not always the case though and does sometimes require methods onhow to product more breast milk. I imagine using a breast pump to help prevent your milk from reducing in volume or drying up would work. Some women never stop producing milk. In the old days these women would always have a job breast feeding the babies of women wealthy enough to hire them.
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