Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I really wish my husband would stop smoking. After my store goes featured . . If that ever happens. . . I am going to try having him hypnotized to stop smoking, exercise, and start eating healthy. I have been told that works really well. I am going to have myself hypnotized to start eating healthy and exercising. I already try to eat healthy but the temptation of fast food is often to much for me to handle.
I have heard of slimming body wraps before but I have never tried them. I think the only reason it works is because it makes you sweat and therefor you loose water weight. Then again maybe its something along the lines of a corset. A corset will over a period of weeps cause your body to reshape yourself. It also keeps you from eating because all of your organs are compacted and there is less room for you to put food in there. Plus your poster is great. I don't own a corset and I don't have anyone to help me into it anyway.
I could certainly use a natural acne treatment this week. My face is a mess this week. I'm not sure why. It could just be hormones or the extra drinking I did this last weekend. Of course since I can't leave any bump on my body alone I have been messing with it and it looks even worse. It will probably go away and leave me with a bunch if little dark scars just like it always does in a few weeks.
I think jumping on a trampoline is probably the best fat burning exercises I have done so far. Its not unusually hard on my legs and I am less likely to notice myself getting short of breath. Its takes me 1 minute to do 100 jumps so I am able to count them to keep track of the time which for some reason is easier that just jumping for an allotted amount of time. I am up to 11 minutes or 1100 jumps which burns a little over 100 calories each time. In the beginning it was a struggle to make it 200 jumps. This is much easier on me that walking around my steep driveway and counting it as cross country hiking.
Lately I haven't been paying to much attention to fat burners or fat burner reviews like lipofuze reviews. Nothing really seems to work for me since i turned 30 or since they stopped putting ephedra in them. I've read that you can still get pills with ephedra in them but there very expensive. I'm still trying cutting calories and exercising. I try to eat mostly by 30 calorie a cup diet soup. I haven't gotten any larger or smaller as afar as I can tell. its very frustrating.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I have never had a need for or known anyone who had a need for a growth hormone or anything like ghr1000 reviews.

I've had this blog a long time. I've been writing adds on it a long time. It used to be really lucrative. Now its just extra money. I've been using it to buy seeds for the store. I'm building quiet an inventory. I would love to be one of those who has 2000 seeds in there list.
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