Saturday, December 18, 2010

What would you need a hydraulic hose for. I can't imagine. I am tired. I ate way to much at the Christmas party. My feet are throbbing and they won't stop. The Christmas holiday screws up my sales for a couple of weeks and it really irritates me. I don't know how long its going to last. It started 3 weeks from Christmas. I hope it doesn't last three weeks out from Christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh how I wish I knew the best way to lose weight fast. It seems to allude me. Maybe this is simply going to be the way my figure is. If I could get Dennis to quit buying garbage that would be a big help. I'm going to try to get him back into the gym next week. I want to try running again and I need to be in a him to do this. Even if the weather were right for it there is simply not a flat area for me to run on here.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I haven't had a credit cards in a very long time. I don't have a spending problem, its my husband who has a spending problem. its the curse of being born with a silver spoon in ones mouth. He was never taught how to handle money, how to live on a budget, or any of the other things that were ground into my head as a kid. He has improved. It took almost two decades to reach that point and he still needs a lot of work. Truthfully I would rather do without credit cards. I'm not comfortable spending money that I don't have. If more Americans felt that way we might not find ourselves in the situation we are now in here in America.

Friday, December 03, 2010

I need some special occasion dresses. Not the kind that you wear to formal dances or anything. I need some nice dresses to wear to the club that are comfortable and still look nice without looking like something a house wife would pull out of the closet. Its difficult for me to find that kind of stuff used now that I am no longer a size 8. Its seems like everything is easier when your a size 8. Its very irritating.
I don't look at things like Hinkley lighting anymore. Its difficult to decorate a house you don't like living in anymore and there is no point at me looking at lighting I'm not going to be building anything or moving into anything new for that matter. Any of those things are far out of reach. I would have really liked to have a house on the back of this property looking out over the mountains and valley.
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