Friday, February 04, 2011

I am so glad my husband got over needing to have the biggest and best of everything. At least he seems to have. I can remember when he thought it was absolutely necessary to have a ridiculously expensive video card. Then he had to have this special memory set up for our computer. It was one thing after another all of the time. He seems to be over that now. At least I hope he is. Arguing with him about why he doesn't really need such things gets very old.
I am not a merchandiser. At least I don't think I am. I sell seeds retail but its my business. I don't work for someone else. I would have to look up the definition of merchandiser to be sure. My son met a man this week who makes 500 thousand dollars a year. He is an eye surgeon and owns an eye clinic in Russellville as well. He has a very young pretty wife who is my sons girlfriends sister. I will never make a half million dollars a year. I think it is possible for me to make 150 thousand a year if I continue to work my ass off and invest. I'm pretty sure 500 thousand a year is way out of my reach.
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