Friday, February 04, 2011

I am so glad my husband got over needing to have the biggest and best of everything. At least he seems to have. I can remember when he thought it was absolutely necessary to have a ridiculously expensive video card. Then he had to have this special memory set up for our computer. It was one thing after another all of the time. He seems to be over that now. At least I hope he is. Arguing with him about why he doesn't really need such things gets very old.


Blogger Penny said...

Hi I just found your blog. We are also pagan homeschoolers in Ar. We live in West Fork and I homeschool my 11 and 9yr old daughters. We have 7 acres and are learning homesteading skills.
It's fun to find blogs from folks that aren't so far away.


1:26 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

I have also just found your blog today. While I consider myself quite the computer nut I have also chosen to take the path of Hedgewitch which celebrates a more older and traditional type of living.

But I love mixing the old and the new!

12:13 PM  
Blogger bhoult said...

Hello... a friend is buying tomato seeds and found that you were in Russellville. He emailed to tell me you were building an earth bag dome and see if I knew you since we both live in the same town and how many domes are around here.

More than I thought it seems. I built a geodesic papercrete dome last year (between russellville and dover) and blogged about it here: and I have a friend that is just about done with a 14-foot earth bag dome just outside Russellville.

Anyway... just wanted to say hi. Maybe we can help each other out at some point. Seems like we have some common interests.

9:18 PM  

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